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Cave à Vanilles (“Vanilla Cellar”)

Cave à Vanilles (“Vanilla Cellar”)

Vanilla is among the most magical spices because it evokes images of faraway places and brings back childhood memories.

Vanilla pods come from a variety of orchid. The original land of vanilla is in Mexico, in the primary forest of Chiapas where Wild Vanilla is pollinated by hummingbirds. Since 1850, vanilla flowers have been individually hand-pollinated by manually moving pollen to the stigma, bypassing the rostellum, following a technique invented by Edmond Albius, a young slave on Réunion Island.

Vanilla pods are an expensive spice because of the complex harvesting and curing processes. Global warming impacts flowering and increases the scarcity of high-grade vanilla.

There are two major species of vanilla. Vanilla tahitensis is often used in perfumes and cold dishes. This is our Vanilla from Tahiti. Vanilla planifolia grows in Mexico, Réunion, Madagascar and the Vanuatu Islands.

Come and discover our vanilla in our warehouse shops. Our Paris outlet also houses a Vanilla Cellar (Cave à Vanilles®).