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2019 updated 2022


Unipersonal Limited Liability Company with capital of 7.622,45 euros
Siret: 415 138 924 00014 – Code NAF 5610A
RCS Saint Malo: B 415 138 924
Registered office: 1 rue Duguesclin- 35260 CANCALE
Intracommunity VAT number: FR 28415138924
Telephone: +33 (0)2 23 15 13 91

Website publication director: Olivier ROELLINGER
Website host: Online SAS, BP 438 - 75366 PARIS CEDEX 08
Design and construction of the site: the web agency Monsieur Biz, Bastien Coulon (graphisme), Xavier Schreder.


The information which can be consulted on the website, the “website” is an offer of services and products to the site’s user, hereafter “the user”. EPICES ROELLINGER endeavours to check the accuracy of the information on the website and reserves the right to update, modify or cancel this information at any time without notice. EPICES ROELLINGER can suspend access to the site at any time for technical reasons. The information on the site is supplied as a guide without any explicit or implicit guarantee concerning validity or exhaustiveness.

Intellectual property

The website’s general structure and any element comprising it, in particular text, data, graphic charter, graphic elements, whether animated or not, images, photographs, names of services and products, sounds and videos are protected by the intellectual property laws, and in particular the law of copyright, and trademark law. They are the exclusive property of EPICES ROELLINGER or a third party, having authorized their use. Any total or partial representation, use or reproduction of the website and/or the elements comprising it, is prohibited without the express prior authorisation of EPICES ROELLINGER.

Epices, Roellinger, Maisons de Bricourt, Olivier Roellinger, name of the products are registred trademarks. Reproduction is prohibited without the written express prior authorisation of EPICES ROELLINGER.

Hypertext links

EPICES ROELLINGER cannot be held liable for hypertext links to other sites. No hypertext links can be created to the site without EPICES ROELLINGER's express permission.

Personal data

EPICES ROELLINGER undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the personal data which the user discloses on the website and to process this data in accordance with law n°2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on trust in the digital economy and the law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, data files and individual liberties (simplified declaration n°1668259 v of 23 April 2013), and also law of 20 June 2018 regarding the protection of personal data.

By browsing and using the site, the user agrees to EPICES ROELLINGER collecting, using and disclosing information concerning the user under the terms stipulated below:

Gathering personal data

Personal data means any information concerning: “a physical person who can be directly or indirectly identified by reference to an identification number or by one or more elements which are specific to the person” (Article 2 Law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978).

Personal data can be collected by different means, notably in the following circumstances: browsing on the site, consulting products and services on the site, creating an account, placing an order for products and/or services on the site, sending an email, managing the shopping basket, registering for receipt of the newsletter of the website.

The user of the site may have to provide the following information including:

  • His or her names, postal address, telephone number and email address when registering to receive the newsletter from the website.
  • His or her names, address telephone number and email address, postal address and certain financial information (bankcard or credit card number) for an order for products and/or services for processing and paying for the user’s order on the website.

Use of personal data

The data collected by EPICES ROELLINGER is processed by computer and is strictly intended for the following purposes: the management and processing of orders for products and/or services, the follow-up of the customer experience, the management and processing of registrations to receive the newsletter, the statistical follow-up to enrich editorial content tailored to users’ needs, the management of prospection operations, the management of requests for rights of access, rectification and opposition and the management of unpaids and disputes.

Disclosure of personal data

The personal data collected on the website are stored in France on the computer server of EPICES ROELLINGER.

EPICES ROELLINGER strives to provide sufficient guarantees to protect the security and confidentiality of the data collected and to take all necessary precautions regarding the nature of the data and the risks inherent in processing the data to protect the security of the data and to prevent it from being deformed, damaged or accessed by unauthorised third parties.

The personal data are not disclosed to third parties, except technical service providers involved in broadcasting the site. Any employee of EPICES ROELLINGER who accesses this data respects its confidentiality and undertakes not to disclose it beyond the purposes for which it was collected.

EPICES ROELLINGER may disclose the data to third parties in the following circumstances:

  • If an outside technical service provider has to be involved or in order to perform the user’s order for products and/or services;
  • When the user requests disclosure of his or her data;
  • On the demand of a court or a government department.

Time for conserving personal data

The data are conserved for a period which does not exceed the period for the purposes for which the data is collected and processed.

  • 5 years for data of a user regarding a contract of sale (products or services)
  • 3 years for data of a user regarding marketing purposes . The period of 3 years starts from the end of the contractual relationship.

Modification and access to personal data

In accordance with articles 39 and seq. of the law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended in 2004 on Data Processing, data files and individual liberties, any user of the site can obtain disclosure and if necessary rectification or cancellation of the data concerning them by sending his or her written request either by email to the following address:, or by letter to the following postal address:
1 rue Duguesclin- 35260 CANCALE

If the user no longer wishes to receive the newsletter, he or she can deregister from the circulation list at any time:

  • either by following the instructions on the bottom of the newsletter,
  • or by clicking on the “newsletter” tab of the site’s homepage,
  • or by contacting EPICES ROELLINGER at the above address.

Information on cookies

Definition of cookies

The word “cookies” means the trackers which are stored and/or read when a user browses a website. By browsing the, the user recognises that the browsing data is recorded in the cookies stored on his or her terminal (computer, tablet or mobile phone), according to the user’s cookie parameterization choices, which are modifiable at any time.

Purpose of the cookies

The cookies on the website are used for the purposes described below for the period of validity of the cookie concerned.

The technical process for cookies ensures that the website functions correctly and in particular concern:

  • adapting the site to the display and browsing preferences of the user’s terminal (language, display resolution, operating system used). Services like display cannot be used in an optimum way without them (operating cookies necessary for supplying a service which is expressly requested by the user) ;
  • memorising certain data to facilitate and personalise the user’s next sessions on the website (operating cookies) ;
  • compiling audience statistics on the number of pageviews, the use of certain products and services offered by the site (captions and content visited, click trail) to improve user comfort and the relevance of the content (audience measurement cookies) ;
  • sharing content with social media: these cookies enable the user to show the content of the site and his or her opinion of the site by using ‘social media sharing buttons’ like those used by Facebook and Twitter. EPICES ROELLINGER has no control over the process used by social media to collect cookies. EPICES ROELLINGER recommends that the user refers to the terms of use for these social media.

The following cookies are used on the website:

  • PHPSESSID date of expiration: end of browsing session
  • Basket date of expiration: end of browsing session
  • Bonkado date of expiration: end of browsing session
  • Google Analytics __utma
  • Google Analytics __utmb
  • Google Analytics __utmc
  • Google Analytics __utmz

Google Analytics cookies are optional.

Obligation of prior information and consent on the use of cookies

The registration of a cookie in a terminal is subject to the user’s intention, and the user can express and modify this choice at any time through the choices offered on the user’s browsing software.

By continuing to browse the website witout changing browsing parameters, the user agrees to cookies being stored on his or her terminal. The cookies which are incorporated in the browsed pages and content will be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on the user’s terminal.

The user’s browser parameters for refusing cookies

The user can parameterise his or her browser to refuse all or some of the cookies.

Each browser is configured differently for parameterising cookies. The configuration is described in the browser’s assistance menu so that the user can change the parameterisation for cookies:

  • Internet Explorer :,
  • Safari :
  • Chrome :
  • Firefox :
  • Opera :

If operating cookies are refused, the user will not have the options and comfort of an optimum browsing because certain functionalities require the use of cookies. EPICES ROELLINGER disclaims all liability for any inconvenience caused due to the impossibility of reading operating cookies.

Lifespan of cookies

The majority of the cookies used on the website are temporary “session” cookies which are automatically deleted when the browser closes. Other cookies remain stored in the terminal of the site’s user. In this case, the lifespan of the cookies will not exceed thirteen (13) months from the consent given to store cookies.


As publisher, EPICES ROELLINGER must ensure that its website respects the obligations under article 32-II of the law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended in 2018 concerning Data Processing, data files and individual liberties. However, EPICES ROELLINGER cannot be held liable for the cookies of partner sites or those of social media sites.