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Aromatic oils

Aromatic oils

Our infused aromatic oils are used to make finer compositions, especially Huiles et Cumbavas (“Kaffir Lime-infused Oil”) and Huile des Sirènes® (“Mermaid Oil”). The collection of chilli peppers includes chilli powders and the chilli oils, ranging from sweet to pungent: Huile et Piment Niora F3 (“Ñora F3 Pepper-Infused Oil”), Huile et Piment Morita F6 (“Morita F6 Chilli Pepper-Infused Oil”), Huile et Piment de Arbol F6 (“Chile de Árbol F6 Chilli Pepper-Infused Oil”).

Huile et Fleurs de sureau (“Elderflower-Infused Oil”) is available in summer, just after the herbal tea we prepare with our elderflower harvest in May. Huile et agrumes (“Citrus-Infused Oil”) is made from citrus fruits from Corsica.

Just a few drops or a dash of oil will liven up a dish and give it the desired finishing touch.