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Mayotte Vanilla Bean

Mayotte Vanilla Bean
Ingredients: Mayotte vanilla bean
Leather and praline flavor notes.
€15.50 2 vanilla beans (5 g)


Mayotte vanilla beans are especially good in creamy desserts like rice pudding, custard and flans. They also shine in savory preparations (fish, poultry, duck) and tropical cocktails like coconut punch and flavored rums.
  • Origin Mayotte
  • Storage / Use Sealed in its glass tube, in a cool, dark, dry place.
€3,100 / kg

The words of Mathilde Rœllinger

This planifolia vanilla bean (Vanilla fragrans) has leather, dried date, and praline flavor notes.

It is grown and cured by a non-profit organization founded in 2018 to bring vanilla cultivation back to Mayotte and preserve the islands’ vanilla production and heritage. Today, the organization has 26 members-growers.

The majority of Mayotte’s vanilla plantations are found in the north of the island. There, they thrive in the ferralitic soil of the area’s gentle slopes as part of a forest ecosystem that includes banana, papaya, and orange trees. The growers’ sustainable agricultural practices include carefully selecting the tree trunks that support the vanilla vines and paying close attention to the compost that’s spread around each vine’s base.


Mayotte’, or The Perfume Island, is perhaps better known for its ylang-ylang cultivation than its vanilla. With reason: vanilla production had all but disappeared from the island despite its long and celebrated history there. In 1841, the islands were ceded to France by treaty. In 1853, the first vanilla vines and clove trees were brought to the island by the Compagnie des Comores spice traders.

Late 19th century vanilla experts made careful note of how well Mayotte’s climate was adapted to vanilla production. By 1900, the spice had become the linchpin of the archipelago’s economy. At the time, 10 tons of vanilla beans were produced on the island, compared to just a single ton today.

A new chapter has begun in Mayotte’s vanilla history, thanks to a cooperative of passionate growers who take the time to nurture their vanilla.