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Fleurs de sel fine salts

Fleurs de sel fine salts

Fleur de Sel fine salt (literally “Sea Flowers” in French) has the scent of sea spray and fragrances carried on the sea breeze. The Charteau family harvests an exceptional fleur de sel in southern Brittany.

Our Fleurs de Mers fine salts are a range of fine salts that pair with our spice blends. The Fleurs de Mers celebrate the meeting between faraway lands and the world of Brittany.

Fleur de feu® (“Fire Flower”) is best used with meat, while Fleur de Beauté (“Flower of Beauty”) and Fleur des Brumes (“Mist Flower”) is used to flavour to fish and shellfish. Vegetables come into their own with Fleur des Vertus (“Flower of Virtues”) and Fleur de Lune (“Moon Flower”). The Court-bouillon du diable (“The Devil’s Court Bouillon”), with coarse salt, is ideal for shellfish broth.

The Fleur de Sel fine salts can be sprinkled on your dishes as a finishing touch.