Madagascar, gourmet vanilla, north/east Antsirabe

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Madagascar, gourmet vanilla, north/east Antsirabe

Technical guide

Ingredients 2 pods in a glass tube.
Origin Madagascar
Net weight 6g (2 gousses)
Conservation / Utilisation In a glass tube or an airtight jug put away in a cupboard.
Price incl. tax €15.10

With its highly subtle flavour of candied fruit, Mexican vanilla is ideally suited for stewed fruit, fruit crumbles, poached pear... It also complements shellfish à la nage (cooked in an aromatic court-bouillon) and fish sauces.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

It loves being associated with fruit.
I appreciate it for its spicy flavour and highly complex candy aroma.
I use it in all my fruit stews and is my favourite vanilla for poached fruit: you just need to prepare a light syrup (0.5 L / 16,9 fl.oz of water, 200 g / 7 oz of sugar and 1/3 of a vanilla pod) to poach peeled apples or pears, or even peaches or pineapple chunks. To use the vanilla, split it and scrape the halves with the back of a knife.
The Mexican Gourmet vanilla can also be used in savoury dishes in very small amounts. I highly recommend it for vegetable broths, shellfish à la nage (cooked in an aromatic court-bouillon) and fish sauces seasoned with lemon and pepper.
This vanilla can sometimes appear to be a bit dry compared to those from the Indian Ocean because the ripening process is different but it also has a very dense fragrance. (See the recipe included at the end of the page.)


In the Indian Ocean, the ripening process follows a method established by Ernest Loupy in 1851. The pods are first wilted by hot water scalding and then drained and kept in a sweating box for 24 hours. The next stage is three weeks of sun-drying partly under direct exposure to the sun and partly under the cover of blankets which retain the heat and prime the curing. The pods are finally spread on racks in well-ventilated wooden buildings for 6 months and achieve their desired suppleness in the hands of the female workers.