Tahiti vanilla Raiatea Island

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Tahiti vanilla Raiatea Island

Technical guide

Origin Tahiti
Net weight 6 g (1 gousse)
Conservation / Utilisation In a glass tube or an airtight jug put away in a cupboard.
Price incl. tax €11.30

Tahitian vanilla is a specific subspecies which has been promoted for the grand perfumes of Guerlain. As the most scented of vanillas, it is ideally used in cold desserts : whipped cream, fruit salad, Zabaione, peach soup…
One pod in a glass tube.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

The empress ! A vanilla which sublimates fruit salads and other cold dishes. It emanates a marvellous aroma of gingerbread with scents of liquorice and aniseed.
In a red fruit salad in summer or one with mango and pineapple in winter, a quarter pod of this vanilla will serve 4. It is necessary to split it into halves and to scrape the inside with the back of a small knife. Leave the vanilla infuse at room temperature for at least two hours in a salad bowl covered with a plastic wrap.


Admiral Hamelin was sent to the forest of Chinantle in Mexico on a mission by the family of Guerlain, the great perfume-makers, to find a subspecies of vanilla that Aimé Guerlain himself had selected due to its intense scent. Together they established its cultivation in French Polynesian - especially on the isles of Tahiti.