Uganda vanilla

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Uganda vanilla

Technical guide

Origin Ouganda
Net weight 6 g (2gousses)
Conservation / Utilisation In a glass tube or an airtight jug put away in a cupboard.
Price incl. tax €14.45

A very subtle flavour of lightly smoked juniper berry. Ideal for a cream sauce or lightly buttered on fish or vegetables.
2 pods in a glass tube.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

The most masculine of vanillas. I keep it exclusively for savoury dishes.
This vanilla has scents of young leather, single malt and juniper berry. It evokes the wooded and vanilla flavour of a wine matured in a new oaken cask.
I use in the preparation of some savoury sauces for fish or meat dishes. For instance, 1/2 cm (1/5 in) of this vanilla in a seafood sauce, a beef bourguignon or a red wine sauce will give your dish both punch and depth.
A pinch of vanilla supports other flavours just as a base note does in a perfume. Do also try a few millimeters of Ugandan vanilla in a blanquette of veal and a full centimeter (0.2 inches) in a pot-au-feu. In the world of princesses which is that of vanilla, Ugandan vanilla is the tomboy.