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Chocolate from Mexico

Chocolate from Mexico

In November 2017, during a trip to the Mexican state of Tabasco, we met an outstanding cocoa farmer: Alejandro. Alejandro shared with us his knowledge of, and passion for, Mexico’s original cocoa trees: the Criollo.

Growing and selecting exceptional vintages in their beautiful garden estate and in the Chiapas forest has been a family affair for several generations. Alejandro and his team harvest the cocoa pods from the trees, extract the wet cocoa beans and then allow them to ferment slowly. The beans are then sun-dried for several days, roasted, and ground. The final touch, conching, is done with great expertise, without adding soy lecithin. Alejandro tends his cocoa trees and beans with the same care that great vignerons bring to their vineyards and grapes. The result is unique.

We are delighted to present the three exquisite types of chocolate that were the fruit of this encounter: Origine and Forêt (“Forest”) both highlight a single variety of cacao, while Jardin (“Garden”) is a selected blend of varieties from Alejandro's estate. The chocolate arrives in Cancale, where we handcraft chocolate bars in the Grain de vanille pâtisserie. We select spices to flavour this Mexican chocolate and create delicate pairings, paying tribute to the Mayan beverage made from cocoa, pepper, vanilla and honey that was intended as an offering to the gods.

Olivier Roellinger

Design on the packing by Dorothée Kretly