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Split Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Split Madagascar Vanilla Bean
Ingredients: Split Madagascar vanilla bean
The most pungent vanilla bean variety with fragrant prune flavor notes. Ideal for chocolate and caramel desserts.
€15.10 3 vanilla beans (8 g)


Use Split Madagascar Vanilla Bean to flavor flans, crèmes caramels cooked in a bain-marie, semolina cakes, and hot chocolate,
  • Origin Madagascar
  • Storage / Use Sealed in its glass tube, in a cool, dark, dry place.
€1,887.50 / kg

Olivier Rœllinger's words

One of the most robustly-flavored vanilla beans with fig, honey and prune flavor notes. The sensual, well-rounded flavors pair exquisitely with chocolate and caramel.

Because they are split at the bottom, Madagascar vanilla beans may not be the prettiest of vanilla beans available. But that split occurs when the bean is ripe and literally bursting with flavor, the way a melon does. True vanilla connaisseurs seek this vanilla bean out--and are right to do so!


Madagascar split vanilla beans are picked when ultra-mature and so ripe that the beans split in two (dehiscence of the fruit, in botanical terms). This was once considered a flaw, but the split vanilla beans develops a pronounced flavors that is highly sought after by connaisseurs.

Our Madagascar vanilla beans are grown and prepared near Antsirabe, in the Sava region of north-east Madagascar.