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Cooking lessons

Cooking lessons

Cooking lessons

The “Cuisine Corsaire” school

Together with Oliver Roellinger’s former sous-chef Emmanuel Tessier, the Maisons de Bricourt have created a place to exchange and to share culinary know-how.
The “Cuisine Corsaire” school will guide you in the discovery, understanding, use and celebration of all that the sea and our vegetable gardens have to offer. By learning to play with the spices that characterise our cuisine, you will go home with the skills and knowledge needed to prepare a multitude of delicious dishes.

  • Hands-on cooking workshops (4h)
  • Cooking lessons (1h30)

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Information – Bookings

Reach us by phone, by email or via the website: www.cuisine-corsaire.fr
(+33) 02 99 89 63 86

Cuisine Corsaire École

Place Saint-Méen
35260 Cancale


La cuisine corsaire offers a 2-hour hotline from Monday to Friday to answer your requests (5 p.m. to 7 p.m.):
(+33) 07 86 81 64 53

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