Châteaux Richeux

Le Buot - 35350 Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes
Château Richeux, a large villa built in the 1920s, stands in an expanse of moorland facing Mont Saint-Michel. Eleven spacious rooms with bay views and two apartments, together with Coquillage, the Maisons Bricourt restaurant, make up this singular and refined sanctuary.
Contact : 02 99 89 64 76

Les Rimains

Les Rimains, 62 rue des Rimains - 35260 Cancale
A haven located on the cliffs of Cancale, Les Rimains® is a confidential boutique hotel overlooking the sea. Four warm, romantic rooms are basked in Mont-Saint-Michel Bay’s magical light.
Contact : 02 99 89 64 76

Ferme du Vent

Ferme du Vent, Langavant - 35350 Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes
Six kleds (from the Breton for “wind shelter”) of the Ferme du Vent, dressed in wood and rough stone, offer the very best in terms of hospitality. Beautiful Kleds where one can live in harmony with the elements, laid out as if by magic. At the Ferme du Vent, you can choose your menu the day before or on the morning itself. It is delivered to your private kitchen in the evening at the time of your choosing. A unique rendez-vous with the moon and the tides with a 180 ° view of nature and the sea intact.
Contact : 02 99 89 64 76

Gîtes Marins

Gîtes Marins, Les Rimains, 62 rue des Rimains - 35260 Cancale
Jane Roellinger designed the Gîtes Marins (“Seafront Lodges”) as the holiday homes she had always dreamed of for entertaining friends and enjoying quality family time. Each Gîte Marin lodge can be rented for a few days, a whole week or a longer stay.
Contact : 02 99 89 64 76

Le Coquillage, restaurant of Maisons de Bricourt

Le Coquillage, La Table des Maisons de Bricourt au Château Richeux Le Buot - 35350 Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes
Hugo Roellinger loves to share his cooking, which he elaborates together with his right-hand man, Jêrome Aumont, and the kitchen crew. His cuisine reflects the taste of living here, the taste of the sea, the bocage and seafaring adventures. Seaweed, spices and shells. His culinary quest is to create flavours that evoke Ocean abysses and sea spray carried on the wind, a quest that earned him two Michelin stars in 2019.
Contact : 02 99 89 25 25

Le Bistrot de Cancale

5 Rue Eugène et Auguste Feyen 35260 Cancale
In June 2022, Maisons de Bricourt opened the Bistrot de Cancale: their new restaurant just above Port Mer beach in Cancale.
Contact : +33299896476

Bains Celtiques

Les Bains Celtiques à la Ferme du Vent Langavant - 35350 Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes
Located in the main farmhouse, Bains Celtiques® (“Celtic Baths”) are striking in that raw materials are omnipresent. Surrounded by stone and solid wood, a door leads to the baths. In all weather, one can swim against the current, nose in the air, or lean on the ledges and contemplate the landscape. 
The intense heat of the Wood Shelter (which offers the dry heat of a sauna) and the Grotto (offering the humid heat of a hammam) will make short work of any toxins.
Contact : 02 99 89 64 76

Maison de Gwenn

Maison de Gwenn à la Ferme du Vent, Langavant - 35260 Cancale
The backbone of the wellness offering of the Bains Celtiques is the reflexology care provided by therapist Gwenn Libouban.
Contact : 02 99 89 64 76

Grain de Vanille

Grain de Vanille, 12 place de la Victoire - 35260 Cancale
Grain de Vanille is a temple to sweet treats located in the upper part of Cancale. With his wife Fernanda and his crew, Yannick hand-crafts and cooks a variety of delicacies daily (mille-feuilles, pommés, tart and ice cream, macarons, choux). There is a salon de thé.
Contact : 02 23 15 12 70

Vent de Vanille

3 bis boulevard du Président Wilson - 35800 Dinard
Above the wide beach of Dinard, Vent de Vanille is a laboratory of ice cream flavoured with Spices Roellinger and a manufacturing workshop of mille-feuilles. Ice cream, sorbets and mille-feuilles are enjoyed on the terrace, at the beach or at home.
Contact : 02 99 89 61 03

Épices Roellinger Cancale

1, rue Duguesclin – 35260 Cancale
We opened our first shop twenty years ago in the Cancale mansion “Maison du Voyageur”. Exotic scents waft through the kitchen lab, where spices from all over the world are roasted, oven-dried, ground, and then packaged.
Contact : 02 23 15 13 91

Épices Roellinger Saint-Malo

12, rue Saint-Vincent 35400 Saint-Malo
Resembling a privateer’s den, deep in the heart of the walled city, this shop will offer you a unique sensory tour of smell and taste.
Contact : 02 23 18 25 82

Épices Roellinger Paris

51 bis, rue Sainte-Anne – 75001 Paris
Open the door of our Paris shop, located between the Palais Royal and the Opera, and join us on a voyage of discovery through our library of spices. This location also houses our “Vanilla Cellar” (Cave à vanilles®), where fragrant grand crus are cured.
Contact : 01 42 60 46 88

La Maison du Voyageur

1, rue Duguesclin – 35260 Cancale
The “Maison du Voyageur” (House of the Traveller) is where we research and create new spice blends from a variety of spices, aromatic herbs and seaweeds. The Maison du Voyageur is home to the kitchen lab where spices from all over the world are weighed, dehydrated, oven-dried, roasted and ground to prepare the spice blends.
Contact : 02 23 15 13 91

La Cuisine Corsaire École

Place Saint-Méen – 35260 Cancale
The “Cuisine Corsaire” school will guide you in the discovery, understanding, use and celebration of all that the sea and our vegetable gardens have to offer. By learning to play with the spices that characterise our cuisine, you will go home with the skills and knowledge needed to prepare a multitude of delicious dishes.
Contact : 02 99 89 63 86