Flower of properties

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Flower of properties

Technical guide

Ingredients French sea salt from Guérande, turmeric, pepper, seaweed, spices.
Allergens *
Net weight 60 g
Storage / Use In a dry, dark place such as a closed cupboard, ideally at 18°C.
Sprinkle it on vegetables, pasta, fish and white meats.
Price incl. tax €8.60

Regular consumption of curcumin, piperine, and Omega 3 in specific proportions has been proven to have beneficial effects on human health.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

A combination of “Poudre des Vertus” and Fleur de Sel de Guérande, Fleur des Vertus allows the whole family to take advantage of the active ingredients of curcumine and piperine, in addition to Nori seaweed from the Brittany coast, without having to spice every dish with the “Poudre des Vertus”. The mix makes these healthy compounds available on a daily basis.