Devil's court bouillon

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Devil's court bouillon

Technical guide

Ingredients Coarse grey salt from Guérande, coriander, fennel, *celery, spices.
Allergens *celery
Origin Création originale
Net weight 250 g
Storage / Use Keep dry in a cupboard
Price incl. tax €6.50

A ready-mixed seasoning of Gros sel de Guérande (coarse, hand-harvested sea salt from Guérande), herbs and spices, to be used when preparing crab, langoustines, shrimp, winkles and whelks.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

Many people ask me about the spices that we use at “Le Coquillage” to flavour the water we use for cooking shellfish, and in particular, the elements that make up our seafood platter. In fact, this is it!
Add one tbsp. of this spiced gros sel (coarse French sea salt) to the shellfish cooking water. When cooking crab, leave them to soalk in the court bouillon for fifteen minutes after boiling, in order for them to thoroughly take on the flavour.
Cooking times:
- Crabs (both spider crab and common crab): Twenty minutes after the water comes back to a boil.
Langoustines: Two minutes after the water comes back to a boil, and then remove immediately from heat.
- Shrimp: Bring to a good boil and leave to steep for three minutes before removing from heat.
- Winkles: Three minutes after bringing the water to a boil.
- Whelks: Twenty minutes after bringing the water to a boil.