Flower of beauty with Maître Cheng

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Flower of beauty with Maître Cheng

Technical guide

Ingredients Frech sea salt from Guérande, ginger, amchoor (unripe mango powder), spices
Allergens *
Net weight 60 g
Storage / Use In a dry, dark place such as a closed cupboard, ideally at 18°C.
Price incl. tax €9.50

Notre fleur de sel des paludiers Charteau, un thé bleu-vert d’une grande élégance, du gingembre et de la poudre de mangue verte à parsemer sur les poissons et coquilles st jacques crues ou cuits mais également sur les légumes vapeur.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

Master Tzeng of the “Maison des Trois Thés” in Paris and I met for an afternoon of tea and spices. We recounted for our guests our personal tales as well as the history of tea and spice routes, and collaborated on their expression here


Of all Chinese teas, I particularly appreciate the blue-green teas of Taiwan (previously known as Formose, which means “Island of Beauty”) for their notes of algae and sea mist. For this blend, I combined one of Master Tseng’s quality blue-green teas with the Fleur de sel picked by Lionel, our salt-gatherer, and warmed it up with a smidgen of ginger and a hint of amchoor (green mango powder) for the acidity.