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Fleur de Feu® (Flower of fire)

Fleur de Feu® (Flower of fire)
Ingredients: Fine artisan sea salt (fleur de sel), Malabar MG1 black pepper, Espelette chili pepper, spices.
Best with grilled and barbecued meats.
Original creation
€8.60 60 g


Sprinkle over foods before cooking, then add another pinch just before serving.
  • Allergens Absent, except for cross-contamination.
    May contain traces of sesame, celery, mustard, soy.
  • Origin Original creation
  • Storage / Use In a cool, dark, dry place.
€143.33 / kg

Olivier Rœllinger's words

My initial idea for Fleur de Feu® was a blend that could be used to season a prime rib cooked over an open fire. It quickly became a seasoning for other dishes and has since become one of my wife Jane’s favorite ‘Fleurs de Mer’.


Over the years, Fleur de feu® has become a summertime cooking classic. Although it was designed to season red meat, it also adds delicious flavor to egg and vegetable dishes.