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Fleur de Brume ( Mist Flower)

Fleur de Brume ( Mist Flower)
Ingredients: Fine artisan sea salt (fleur de sel), doi seeds , lemon zest, spices.
Especially good on scallops, both cooked and raw.
Original creation
€8.60 60 g


A surprising ‘Fleur de Mer’ blend made with doi seeds (very rare seeds from Vietnam). Use as a finishing salt.
  • Allergens Absent, except for cross-contamination.
    May contain traces of sesame, celery, mustard, soy.
  • Origin Original reation
  • Storage / Use In a cool, dark, dry place.
€143.33 / kg

Olivier Rœllinger's words

Fleur de sel is infused with the flavor of misty mornings by the sea where the fog has an infinite quality that extends into the void. We source our salt from Lionel Chartreau. I wanted this blend to have the lightness and warmth of the Halong Bay in Vietnam and a finish like a luxury perfume. The main flavor notes come from doi seeds, which are harvested from a type of magnolia tree that grows near the Thai-Vietnamese border.