Mermaids' oil ©

Mermaids' oil ©
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Mermaids' oil © 5 cl
5 cl

Technical guide

Ingredients grapeseed oil, dill, fennel, star anises, spices.
Origin Création originale
Net weight 5 cl
Storage / Use Away from light, in the refrigerator after opening.
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Olivier Rœllinger's words

You need only walk along the Customs Trail from Château Richeux to Saint Malo to understand why anise tastes and those of the sea make such a natural match.
This trail at the top of the cliffs is lined with wild fennel, that beautiful umbelliferous whose first shoots announce the arrival of spring and whose crown-shaped flowers can be eaten like anise sweets in the autumn.
In this recipe, we wanted to accentuate its taste to enliven the taste of salmon.
You could easily use one or the other separately with scallops or raw or cooked vegetables.


I created the Mermaid oil by combining all the anise tastes of the world with seaweeds from here, and the Neptune powder is made with the same spices and seaweeds.