Virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil

Technical guide

Ingredients Virgin coconut oil
Origin India
Net weight 227g
Storage / Use After opening, keep 6 months in the fridge.
Price incl. tax €10.50

A vegetable oil for pan or oven cooking.

Recommendations The oil solidifies at a temperature below 25°C degrees. Just cut a piece of the desired amount using a knife or spoon. On contact with heat, the oil becomes melting and liquid again.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

Coconut oil is a vegetable cooking oil that replaces butter and olive oil when frying in a pan or in the oven. This oil brings different flavors, delicately sweet, to savory dishes. It is especially suitable for cooking eggs, sautéed vegetables or in curry, a stir-fry of meat and why not a roasted chicken or even vegetables in the oven. This oil goes wonderfully with spices.


This oil is made from fresh coconuts picked at maturity. Extracted in an artisanal way, this oil is cold pressed pure, without any additive.