Huile et Cumbavas (Kaffir Lime Infused Oil)

Ingredients: Sunflower oil from France, cumbavas.
Use a few drops to season fish and shellfish dishes.
Original creation
€8.40 5 cl
€24.20 24 cl
  • Allergens Absent, except for cross-contamination.
    May contain traces of sesame, celery, mustard, soy.
  • Origin Original creation
  • Storage / Use In a cool, dark, dry place, refrigerate after opening.
€168 / kg
€100.83 / kg

Olivier Rœllinger's words

Kaffir lime juice is fairly bland, but the citrus’ zest and—better still—leaves have fresh, lingering flavor notes. I have been using kaffir lime zest and leaves to season bouillons and broths ever since I first tasted them in a shrimp soup in Asia 40 years ago. I ultimately infused kaffir lime leaves and zest in an oil designed to enhance seafood dishes.


Kaffir limes are primarily grown in Southeast Asia and on the Mauritius and Reunion Islands. The bright green, tangerine-sized citrus fruits are easily recognizable with their bumpy, wrinkled skins.

Try a few drops of our oil on fish and shellfish dishes or use to season a broth or sauce to deepen their natural seafood flavors.