Les 101 mots du chocolat, à l'usage de tous

Les 101 mots du chocolat, à l'usage de tous
Author: Collective work, edited by Anne and Caroline Debbasch
(101 authors)
142 pages
November 2023
Publisher: Archibooks
Collection: 101 Words

Written in french.

The words of Mathilde Rœllinger

When Caroline and Anne Debbasch asked me to write a declaration of love for chocolate, I immediately agreed. After all, cocoa is indeed a spice!

I wrote this short text after returning from a trip to Mexico where I had visited our cacao and chocolate producers, Ana and Alejandro Wolter. Ana has written a beautiful piece on the Mexican identity of chocolate, which is also featured in this book.


Chocolate, often referred to as "this beautiful brown with a delightful bitterness" in the famous words of Robert Linxe, has touched most of us since our earliest childhood.

In this collection, devoid of photographs, illustrations, or recipes, words alone are enough to arouse an irresistible desire to indulge in a piece or two, or perhaps five squares, or eagerly delve into that little box left there seemingly by chance. These texts are to be devoured without restraint, offering a glimpse into the emotions stirred by this aromatic and lively delight.

We savor it, caress it, break it, work with it, sculpt it, pair it, and sometimes even disdain it as if to test our willpower, only to let it seduce us freely, without constraint, regardless of its guise. We adore it dark or milk, occasionally blond, and even white. Whether raw, in candies, or prepared in dishes, it is an endless source of pleasure. Often enjoyed and at times nibbled in secret, 101 contributors have enthusiastically joined in the wordplay dedicated solely to chocolate.

From chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and cooks to doctors eager to delve into this passionate pursuit, athletes, journalists, artists from various backgrounds, and men of the cloth—all have shared their thoughts generously and indulgently. There are no limits here; everything is allowed in terms of chocolate pleasure and sharing. A little, a lot, passionately, and sometimes not at all... for there is not just one but many chocolates, as the best one is the one you prefer!