Long Course® Body Care Cream

Long Course® Body Care Cream
Ingredients: Organic hemp oil*
Shea butter
Melting vegetable butter
Hydrofiltrate of campion flowers
Organic algae serum*
Isotonic Molene water
Oleoresin of vanilla
Black pepper essential oil

*Ingrédients from certified organic agriculture. Ecological and organic cosmetic products.
Gentle, moisturizing, nourishing, balancing cream.
Marine formula enriched with hemp oil and apple seeds, sweetness of the vanilla from the islands, energy of the black pepper and benefit of turmeric on the skin.
€65.00 200ml


This gentle multi-purpose cream for the face and body is moisturizing, nourishing and anti-stress. Enriched with vanilla with regenerating properties, it combines Indian pepper and turmeric antioxidant to create synergy.
Its two precious oils, extracted from apple seeds and hemp, restore moisture and provide anti-aging benefits. Its isotonic formula made from Molene water preserves cellular vitality and stimulates cell regeneration.
This lasting skin care cream restores all the energy, flexibility and natural beauty in the skin.
Turmeric: its oil contains curcumin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance often used in skin care for its natural soothing, regenerating and antiseptic properties.
Vanilla: the oleoresin contained in the vanilla has soothing, protective and moisturizing properties.
Apple seed oil: it is rich in linoleic acid (major component of sebum) and vitamin E.
Hemp oil: is a product of Brittany agrobiology and extracted by first cold pressing. It contains an exceptional concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega 6 and Omega 3. This oil has regenerating anti-aging properties which compensate for the aggression of free radicals.
  • Storage / Use Apply the skin care cream on your body after bathing or showering.

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