Bains Celtiques® Travel Set

Bains Celtiques®  Travel Set
A survival kit for travel that lets you take your personal care products wherever you go in the world.

This gift-set includes:
- Foot balm, 30 ml
- Brume Celtique®, cleaning water for the face, 50 ml
- Au Long Cours® body care cream, 30 ml
- Exfiliating soap from spices and sea shell, 50 g

Olivier Rœllinger's words

The Bains Celtiques Travel set includes travel-size personal care products for head-to-toe beauty wherever you go. Our Bains Celtiques® products are delicate, all-natural formulations made with seaweed, clifftop wildflowers, and the most exquisite spices from around the world.


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