Exfoliating soap from spices and sea shell

Exfoliating soap from spices and sea shell
Ingredients: Organic soap base*
black pepper essential oil
Organic cinnamon essential oil*
fennel essential oil
Coarse ground black pepper
Organic hemp oil*
Guérande marine clay
Exfoliating oyster shell powder
Softening/Soothing oyster shell powder

*Ingrédients from certified organic agriculture. Ecological and organic cosmetic products.
Indian pepper, fennel, cinnamon and oyster mother-of-pearl powder.
Soap with aromatic notes from far away, enriched with hemp oil.
The essential oils of spices amplify its purifying properties. The skin is toned, made silky by marine clay and oyster shell powder.
€16.00 100g


This soft organic soap is formulated with 100% vegetable material. It is used as a DAILY scrub, very soothing, which gently removes dead cells and impurities that suffocate the skin and prevents it from breathing.
The combination of the very fine oyster shell powder from Brittany, marine clays and coarse ground pepper brings about a natural fine soft polishing of the skin.
Wild fennel essential oil soothes and softens by synergistically combining cinnamon with stimulating and antiseptic properties.
This oyster shell powder is natural and provides mineral salts and trace elements that promote microcirculation and maintain its optimum hydration rate.
Its richness in magnesium also gives it anti-stress properties such as zinc, silicon, manganese and copper that preserve the beauty and elasticity of the skin.
The synergy of the essential oils of spices develops the aromatic properties of the soap:
- Black pepper essential oil with a little spicy aroma, is stimulating and purifying.
- Wild fennel essential oil exudes a sparkling fragrance and possesses decongestant, softening and soothing properties.
- Cinnamon essential oil with hot and spicy notes is antiseptic and favours a radiant tone.
- Ginger essential oil tones the microcirculation.
- The Guérande marine clay adds magnesium to the anti-stress properties.
This exfoliating soap gives the skin a touch of silk.
  • Storage / Use Use spice and shell soap with water.
    Suitable for your body and face.
    Rinse thoroughly.