Celtic Foam® Shower Care

Celtic Foam® Shower Care
Ingredients: Isotonic Molene water
Brown algae extract (Himanthalia)*
Brown algae extract (Pelvetia)*
Green algae extract (Ulva)*
Organic honey*
Organic algae serum*
Organic ginger essential oil*
Star anise essential oil

*Ingrédients from certified organic agriculture. Ecological and organic cosmetic products.
Seaweeds, ginger and badian
Silky and toning instant foam made of isotonic Molene water®. Cocktail of remineralizing algae. Delicious notes of star anise and oriental mixed. Skin sooth and full of energy.
€25.00 200ml


Enriched with star anise essential oil having antioxidant properties, this foam synergistically associates that extracted from the roots of the ginger to tone microcirculation. Thanks to the high tannin content of star anise, a natural anti-aging substance that also tightens the pores of the skin and used for cramps and muscle spasms. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are also recommended for toning the microcirculation and soothing joint pain.
Brittany algae extracts Himanthalia, Pelvetia and Ulva remineralize and strengthen the skin.
The unique crystalline texture produces an instant foam and its foaming agents of vegetable origin offer high tolerance, extremely soft and silky cleaning power.
This foam is formulated with isotonic Molene water made from Iroise's sea water, it allows for true “fitness” on a daily basis.
  • Storage / Use Apply a small amount of the shower foam in the palm of your hands and apply it on your body. Massage and then rinse with water which then washes away all the impurities.