Toning Shampoo

Toning Shampoo
Ingredients: Isotonic Molene water®
Brown algae extract (Himanthalia)*
Brown algae extract (Pelvetia)*
Green algae extract (Ulva)*
Oil of apricot kernels
Wheat proteins
Organic algae serum*
Organic turmeric essential oil*
cardamom essential oil

*Ingrédients issus from certified organic agriculture. Ecological and organic cosmetic products.
Seaweeds, Molène water, turmeric and cardamon
Remineralizing, soothing and energizing. Isotonic formula rich in mineral salts and trace elements. Benefits of algae and ayurvedic spices. The hair is strengthened and regains shine and vitality.
€25.00 200ml


Enriched with isotonic Molene water made from Iroise's sea water, this formula is in perfect physiological balance with the scalp and delivers mineral salts and trace elements essential to vitality and longevity of the cells.
Algae extracts from Brittany, Himanthalia, Pelvetia and Ulva reinforce the remineralizing and detoxifying properties of hair care.
This shampoo formulated for frequent use also contains a synergy of essential oils extracted from turmeric and cardamom for their antioxidant properties. Turmeric has a spicy sweet aroma combining notes of orange and ginger. Its essential oil contains curcumin which has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties and used in skin care for its healing and antiseptic properties. Cardamom has camphorated, peppered and somewhat lemony notes. Its essential oil is antiseptic and decongestant, recommended for sensitive skin care.
Upon application, the isotonic tonning shampoo provides a great feeling of freshness and well-being. In toning, it rebalances, moisturizes and remineralizes the scalp and hair. The hair is strengthened and regains a lot of shine and vitality.
  • Storage / Use Use on the hair in the shower.
    Rinse thoroughly.