Foot Balm

Foot Balm

Technical guide

Ingredients Molene water®
Organic hemp oil*
Melting vegetable butter
Cider apple seed oil
Red algae extract (asparagopsis*)
Angelica essential oil
Juniper berry essential oil
extracts of ginkgo biloba *, ginseng * and chestnut *
*Ingrédients from certified organic agriculture. Ecological and organic cosmetic products.
Net weight 100ml
Storage / Use Apply to clean feet by massaging it in.
Price incl. tax €27.00

Hemp, apple, angelica & juniper berries.

Formula with isotonic Molene water®. Silky and non-sticky. Purifying, draining, tones microcirculation, nourishes the tissues and leaves a bucolic wake on the skin, for the soles of wind.


Ultra-nourishing and extremely silky foot care, it purifies, relaxes and reconstitutes the protective film while visibly relaxing the sensitive area of the feet. In synergy, Angelica has repairing properties to care for damaged or rough skin.
Apple seed oil protects from dry skin and restores the protective film by combining its properties with that of hemp oil with soothing and nutritive qualities.
This balm delivers mineral salts and trace elements by simple osmosis from isotonic Molene water made from seawater.
Red algae extract (asparagopis) is rich in organic silicon and has powerful antiseptic and antifungal properties. The combination of essential oils develops the aromatic properties of the balm:
- Juniper berries, with acidulous notes, promote the elimination of toxins, have antiseptic properties and also relieve muscle and joint pain thanks to their anti-inflammatory and draining properties.
- Angelica root, with hot and herbaceous notes, is famous for its anti-stress properties and renowned for dry, damaged or rough skincare.
Foot balm cleanses, soothes, tones the microcirculation and nourishes the tissues. It provides a long-lasting sensation of freshness.

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