Celtic Mist®, Cleansing Water for the Face

Celtic Mist®, Cleansing Water for the Face
Ingredients: Isotonic Molene water
Organic sea chamomile floral water
Gorse flower water
Campion flowers hydrofiltrate
Organic algae serum*
Saffron extract *
Coriander essential oil

*ingredients from certified organic agriculture. Ecological and organic cosmetic products.
Gorse flowers, wild chamomile, campion, saffron and coriander.
Isotonic, antioxidizing and moisturizing Molene water.
Osmoactive and spiced, in perfect physiological balance with the skin. Like a long stroll by the sea, filled with ions and sea sprays, the taste of the wind.
€45.00 100ml


At the core of the "Bains Celtiques-Roellinger " care line, this aromatic, moisturizing and remineralizing osmoactive mist is in perfect physiological balance with the skin.
Enriched with antioxidant saffron extract and coriander essential oil, it protects and soothes fragile skin. In synergy, gorse flowers develop a great sensation of well-being, campion flowers have a genuine antipollution shield and wild sea chamomile flowers prevent dry skin.
Suitable for all skin types, the face toner provides the effectiveness of a long stroll by the sea, filled with ions and sea spray. It provides true "fitness" on a daily basis.

What is isotonic Molene water?
Since water is the main component of beauty products, water and cosmetic formulas are inextricably linked.
Generally, the water used is treated, neutral and demineralized.
Empty of energy, it is confined to the mere role of a solvent.
For "Bains Celtiques-Roellinger " the water formula has been replaced by a patented isotonic mixture of PURE SEA WATER and SPRING WATER from Molene Island.
As a continuation of René Quinton's therapy, the biometric properties of this isotonic seawater, in total complicity with the skin, make it possible to revive natural repair mechanisms and reactivate their natural energy.
This precious liquid regains its original role as a vector of life and activity by:
- its bioavailability, trace elements and accessible mineral salts by simple osmosis with the skin.
- its bio-compatibility in perfect physiological balance and in perfect harmlessness with the skin. It revives the natural repairing and cell survival mechanisms.
It increases the effectiveness of the active ingredients in the formulas by improving their assimilation through the skin.
The isotonic Molene water, which is perfectly similar to the internal environment of human cells, preserves cell life by providing a substrate to rebalance mineral deficiencies and block mortality or degeneration mechanisms. It also boosts renewal mechanisms and slows down aging by stimulating their energy efficiency.
  • Storage / Use Apply by spraying your face and your body at any time of the day to protect, moisturize and restore vitality to the skin.