The Essentials set

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The Essentials set

Technical guide

Price incl. tax €51.20

This set contains :
- Poudre Gallo, 40 g
- Poudre défendue ©, 40 g
- Poudre Grande Caravane, 40 g
- Poudre Serenissima, 40 g
- Poudre des Alizées ©, 40 g
- Poudre retour des Indes ©, 40 g

Olivier Rœllinger's words

These six powders represent six phases of my life as a cook. With them, everything changes: they enrich every moment in the kitchen and every food group. They allow you to vary your cooking and take you on a voyage…
Gallo powder – juniper, allspice, cloves, orange zest, bay - flavours poultry and white meats; Forbidden powder – green anise, ginger, cinnamon – awakens fruit salads and cocktails; Grand Caravan powder – cardamom, fenugreek, cinnamon, niora and sesame – brings its warmth to vegetables and lamb; Serenissima powder – cloves, ginger, maniguette pepper, saffron – perks up ratatouille and tomatoes: Alizés powder – ginger, Sichuan pepper, chilli pepper, mustard – sweeps away a vinaigrette; and Back from the Indies powder – turmeric, coriander, star anise, mace, Sichuan pepper, cumin – magnifies fish and shellfish…

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