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My Classics set

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Price incl. tax €32.30

Ce coffret contient les mélanges d’épices que j’ai créés pour ma cuisine:
- poudre Grande Caravane, 40 g
- poudre retour des Indes, 40 g
- poivre des mondes ©, 40 g
- vinaigre celtique ©, 5 cl

Olivier Rœllinger's words

These mixes have allowed me to create my best dishes and the possibilities that they offer are infinite… Whether I’m cooking French or international dishes I can’t do without them, and when I breathe them in, my imagination carries me to distant lands! Grand Caravan, made up of cardamom, fenugreek, cinnamon, niora and sesame, is ideal on vegetables and lamb; Back from the Indies, which brings together turmeric, coriander, star anise, mace, Sichuan pepper and cumin, transports shellfish and fish towards the horizon; Peppers of the World is a blend that balances the characters of different peppers; and Celtic Vinegar, based on apple, brings a new dimension to fish, pasta and cheeses…

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