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Classic spice blends

Classic spice blends
This gift set includes the spice blends that were created specifically for my cuisine:
- Poudre Grande Caravane©, 40 g
- Poudre Retour des Indes ©, 40 g
- Poivre des Mondes © (Peppers from the World), 40 g
- Vinaigre celtique ©(Celtic vinegar), 5 cl

Olivier Rœllinger's words

These are the blends that provided the foundation for my signature dishes. They offer endless possibilities in the kitchen, whether you’re seasoning an exotic dish or preparing classic French cuisine. One whiff of their complex aromas and my imagination takes to faraway lands.


Grande Caravane, a blend of cardamom, fenugreek, cinnamon, nora chile pepper, and sesame seeds, is the ultimate seasoning for lamb and vegetables. ‘Retour des Indes’ marries the flavors of turmeric, coriander, star anise, mace, Szechuan pepperrcorns, and cumin to take fish and shellfish dishes to the next level. ‘Poivre des Mondes’ is a perfectly-balanced blend of assorted peppercorns. Vinaigre Celtique, with its apple essence, provides a delicious counterpoint to fish, pasta, and cheese.