Celtic Gift Set

Celtic Gift Set
An homage to Brittany’s Celtic heritage.
- Gomasio breton (Breton Gomasio), 50 g
- Vinaigre Celtique© (Celtic vinegar), 5 cl
- Poudre des Fées (Fairie's powder), 40 g
- Poudre Gallo (Gallo), 40 g

Olivier Rœllinger's words

The spells and enchantments of the Mont Saint Michel Bay and the Arthurian legends of the Brocéliande Forest have captivated our imagination for generations. The spice creations in this gift set are an homage to Brittany’s Gallo and Celtic heritage. They also have the power to ward off the chill of a region enveloped in mists and myth.


Poudre Gallo
The resinous flavors of juniper and bay leaves and the fragrant notes of allspice evoke the Gallo-Roman region in Brittany.
Use Poudre Gallo to lend a surprising flavor note to poultry, pork and veal. It can also be added to cooking juices or a rich cream sauce.
Poudre des fées
The tangy, warming flavors in this blend make it the perfect seasoning for cold-weather soups and bouillons. They evoke the delightful sensations that follow a brisk walk in the woods…or the Broceliande Forest, where the magic of fairies is always near.
Gomasio Breton
Gomasio Breton is a savory combination of Breton buckwheat groats, nigella seeds, coriander, and fleur de sel from Guérande. We have always loved Japanese gomasio blends made with sesame seeds, so we created our own version as a way to expand upon their gustative heritage.
Vinaigre Celtique
It is a dream for us to rediscover the apple vinegar that the Druids would have made in ancient times.A powerful flavour of apple confit that is both sweet and tart, with an underlying astringency that accentuates saltiness. It is used like a real balsamic vinegar in salads. It is ideal for giving relief to meat sauces, fish, pasta, potatoes or cheeses. A few drops are enough.