Celtic gift set

Celtic gift set

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This gift set includes:

- Gomasio breton, 55 g
- Vinaigre celtique ©, 5 cl
- Poudre des fées, 40 g
- Poudre Gallo, 40 g

Olivier Rœllinger's words

The magical aura of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay and the legends of Brocéliande Forest play a superlative role in unleashing our imagination. These creations that pay tribute to both Britanny’s Gallo-Roman heritage and its Celticness will comfort you when the first frost comes.

Poudre Gallo
This blend is a dazzling evocation of the Gallo country, with its resinous fragrance of juniper and bay laurel and spicy notes of Jamaican pepper. Poudre Gallo gives a unique aroma to poultry and white meats and can also be used in pan juice gravy or cream sauce.

Poudre des fées
The perfect seasoning for autumn and winter soups and broths. Its tangy and warm flavour expresses the special feeling of a walk in the Brocéliande Forest, where fairies are always near.

Gomasio Breton
Gomasio Breton brings together buckwheat from Brittany, nigella, coriander and some grains of Guérande fleur de sel. Breton gomashio is our own local take on the treasured Japanese sesame gomashio.

Vinaigre Celtique
The origins of this Celtic vinegar go back to the druidic era and the apple’s arrival in Brittany.
A powerful flavour of apple confit that is both sweet and tart, with an underlying astringency that accentuates saltiness.
In a roasted meat sauce (duck or veal), a touch of vinegar will deepen the flavour and add a sweet and sour note. Finally, just a dash next to a camembert with a few leaves of watercress takes this neighbouring cheese to new heights. It’s used in the same way as real balsamic vinegar. A few drops add another dimension to fish, pasta, potatoes or cheese.

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