Herbal Infusion Gift Set

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Herbal Infusion Gift Set

Technical guide

Storage / Use In a cool, dark, dry place.
Price incl. tax €24.00

Three divinely healthful herbal infusions:
- OR (OR Herbal Infusion), 40 g
- Songe de nuit (Nighttime Fantasy), 35 g
- For the Long Haul, 40 g

The words of Olivier Roellinger

I love herbal infusions. They’re such a joy to create and they have so much to offer in terms of wellness!

These three herbal infusions have digestive, relaxing, soothing, and detoxifying benefits – but most of all, they are absolutely delicious.

In 1992, I wanted to serve a hot infusion redolent with spices—but no such herbal tea existed. I decided to create one myself, tapping into the benefits of aromatherapy while doing so. Ultimately, this blend was the first of what was to be an exquisite collection. I still find it a source of calm and serenity with its balanced combination of ginger, cumin, fennel, dill and lemon verbena!

Songe de Nuit (Nighttime Fantasy) was created especially for the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey. I imagined how the different worlds of Arabs, Crusaders, and Mont-Saint-Michel monks might have intermingled. My mind hearkened back to the flavors of the medicinal herbs which the monks would offer pilgrims during the Middle Ages, and to the rich tastes of the spices brought back from the East by Crusaders. The blend of spices, lemon verbena, lemongrass, sage and curry spices always whisks me away to a sweet, gentle dream world.

The third herbal infusion in this gift set was developed by my son Hugo for his wedding to Marine in 2018. The combination of tulsi (holy basil), California poppy, lemon balm, buckwheat, and sage is particularly welcome when sipped 30 minutes before bed or after a yoga or meditation session.

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