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Nighttime fantasy ©
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Nighttime fantasy © 35 g
35 g
Nighttime Fantasy © Boîte 100 g
Boîte 100 g
Nighttime Fantasy © Recharge 100 g
Recharge 100 g

Technical guide

Ingredients spices mixture, verbena, sage, citronella, curry of spices
Allergens *
Origin Création originale
Net weight Recharge 100 g
Conservation / Utilisation A teaspoon per cup, covered with barely boiling water. Infuse for 3 minutes.
Keep away from light.
Price incl. tax €7.90

Une infusion créée pour l’Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel

The words of Olivier Roellinger

Each summer, the Mont Saint Michel abbey organises the Soirées des Imaginaires, which involves meeting at 8pm in the reception area to climb the mountain together until 11.30pm.
For this powerful shared moment, the head of the abbey asked me to create a cake to eat at the summit. In mind, the memory of the medicinal herbs cultivated by the monks and offered to the pilgrims mingled with the tastes of spices that the crusades brought back from the East. At the same time, I was able to admire the original of the works of Aristotle translated from Arabic to Latin, the Romans never having translated this philosopher. I thus imagined the meeting of these worlds, the Arabs, the Crusades and the monks of Mont Saint Michel, an infusion combining the monastic herbs cultivated with great care and the first spices brought back from these same crusades. Night dream was born. It always carries me to the sweetest dreams.
This herbal tea consists primarily of sage, which is known to have inspired the most famous of the aphorisms of the Salerne school : Why does man die when sage grows in his garden?