"La Mer" limited edition gift set for the celebrations

"La Mer" limited edition gift set for the celebrations
Painter Olivier Masmonteil x Epices Roellinger

“Celebrate the Season with Visions of the Sea and Flavors that Evoke Faraway Trade Winds”

The booklet included with our holiday gift set features a printed work by French artist Olivier Masmonteil. It accompanies a festive menu of four original recipes that showcase the spices included.
Limited edition

The words of Mathilde Rœllinger

I have long admired Olivier Masmonteil’s art and I am absolutely thrilled he has agreed to create a bespoke commission for our sea-themed holiday gift set this year. 

The artist’s painting depicts a horizon with colors that amplify the sense of infinity and immensity you feel when looking out at the ocean.


“For this spice gift set, I decided to delve into memories of past voyages—that utter feeling of escape, the vast horizons, the faraway destinations. This painting series has followed me on my travels me for the past 20 years. My concept was to come up with a visual depiction that echoed and expanded upon the spices included in this limited edition spice gift set. 

I have experienced confrontations with both the land and the sea. The painting I’ve chosen evokes a certain maritime sense of escape.”

Olivier Masmonteil

Olivier Masmonteil is a French painter who is renowned for his landscapes. The globe-trotting artist is an ardent lover of nature and a passionate fly fisherman.