Poudre de Neptune (Neptune Powder)

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Poudre de Neptune (Neptune Powder)

Technical guide

Ingredients Dill, fennel, star anise, seaweed, *sesame seeds, spices
Allergens *Sesame seeds
Origin Original creation
Net weight 40 g
Storage / Use In a cool, dark, dry place.
Price incl. tax €8.90

Use to season shellfish and fish sauces.

Recommendations All you need to do is sprinkle this blend over fish and shellfish to enhance their flavor. The spice blend can also be used to delicately flavor sauces like a classic beurre blanc.
If you like peanuts, sprinkle crushed peanuts mixed with Poudre Neptune over a fish fillet, then grill the fish à la plancha.


Briny, with hints of anise.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

The customs path along the coast of Brittany is redolent with the anise fragrance that emanates from the path’s vegetation and the briny scents that blow in from the sea….
The path runs along the clifftops and is lined with wild fennel, a gorgeous umbel plant whose first shoots are the harbingers of spring and whose flowers, which look just like crowns, can be enjoyed like licorice candies throughout the autumn.
In creating Poudre de Neptune, I paired the anise flavors of the world with seaweed from Brittany.