Marin Powder

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Marin Powder

Technical guide

Ingredients fennel, Ajowan caraway, coriander, garlic, spices
Allergens *
Origin Création originale
Net weight 40 g
Conservation / Utilisation In a dry, dark place such as a closed cupboard, ideally at 18 C.
Price incl. tax €8.80

The words of Olivier Roellinger

With this powder I tried to find the additional taste to the sea one. The fish just caught from the water hs sometimes a taste of the abyss, I wanted to find the depth of spicy flavors. I use this powder for flavoring marine fish such as iodine mullet or mackerel.


Sprinkle it on the fish before grilling or pan-frying. Even better, add a little of this powder to the cooking juices or to a classic fish soup.