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Poudre Marine (Marin Powder)

Poudre Marine (Marin Powder)
Ingredients: Fennel, Ajowan caraway, coriander, garlic, spices
Use to season fresh seafood.
Original creation
€8.90 40 g
  • Allergens Absent, except for cross-contamination.
    May contain traces of sesame, celery, mustard, soy.
  • Origin Original creation
  • Storage / Use In a cool, dark, dry place.
€222.50 / kg

Olivier Rœllinger's words

When creating this blend, I looked for a way to enhance the flavors of the sea. Freshly-caught fish can have a haunting taste of the briny deep, and I wanted to attain that depth of flavor using spices. I paired coriander and fennel, then counterbalanced the two with ajwain and a touch of garlic. The blend is then rounded out by Kampot black pepper, a seaside peppercorn grown on the Cambodian coast. The flavors bring together cold and heat, and unite the bright clarity of spices with the dark obscurity of the ocean’s depths.