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Set Epices n°3

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This box set is designed to help you master the use of our spice and seaweed blends in a home kitchen and prepare some of the classic recipes that appear in the Epices Roellinger n°3 Carnet, It includes:

- Carnet n°3 Epices (2020)
- Jardin Marin (Seaside Garden), 10 g
- Poudre de Neptune, 40 g
- Poudre des Vertus (Virtues), 40 g
- Poudre Marine , 40 g
- Poudre Trésor oublié (Sunken Treasure), 40 g
- Fleur de Feu (Fire Blossom), 60 g
- Poivre à la mode de Paris (Parisian Peppercorn Blend), 15 g
- Huile des Sirènes (Mermaid Oil), 5 cl
- Karimunda Black Peppercorns, 40 g

Olivier Rœllinger's words

The original recipes developed by Emmanuel Tessier at La Cuisine Corsaire Cooking School will once again show you how to use my signature spice creations to enhance the simple foods of everyday cooking.


The Box Set includes 8 spice blends, 1 peppercorn variety and the cookbook, Epices Carnet n°3. The 35 recipes in the cookbook were developed by Emmanuel Tessier using Olivier Roellinger’s signature blends that combine exotic spices with seaweed from Brittany: Jardin Marin (Seaside Garden) / Poudre de Neptune / Poudre des Vertus (Virtues) / Trésor Oublié (Sunken Treasure) / Huile des Sirènes (Mermaid Oil).
Poudre Marine, Fleur de Feu (Fire Blossom) and Parisian Peppercorn Blend are also featured in 5 simple recipes for home cooks.

Olivier Roellinger’s signature spice creations are showcased via the poetic histories behind each spice blend composition, the original recipes, andmany clever culinary techniques explained throughout the cookbook. The Carnet format makes it fun to prepare the recipes at home. The drawings and sketches by Pascal Tessier accompany you on your culinary journey.

“I’ve gathered the best recipes from my cooking classes in a small cookbook with illustrations by my brother. These kitchen notebooks are small enough to take anywhere. They feature the recipes developed at the Cuisine Corsaire Cooking School and are designed to help you fill your everyday cooking with flavor and good healths.” Emmanuel Tessier