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Epices Roellinger n°3 Gift Set

Epices Roellinger n°3 Gift Set
This gift set includes Epices-Roellinger n°3, the third volume in our cookbook series created especially for home cooks. It features recipes for our spice and seaweed creations as well as a newer spice blends that have now become classics.

- Epices-Roellinger.com no3 cookbook
- Jardin Marin, 10 g
- Poudre de Neptune (Neptune), 40 g
- Poudre des Vertus (Virtues), 40 g
- Poudre Marine, 40 g
- Poudre Trésor oublié (Sunken treasure), 40 g
- Fleur de Feu©, 60 g
- Poivre à la mode de Paris©, 15 g
- Huile des Sirènes© (Mermaid's oil), 5 cl
- Karimunda Black Pepper, 40 g

Olivier Rœllinger's words

In Epices Roellinger no. 3 cookbook, Emmanuel Tessier has compiled recipes from La Cuisine Corsaire cooking school that feature our signature spice and seaweed blends. The easy, everyday recipes demonstrate how to use the seasonings to highlight the flavors of simple, seasonal ingredients.


The slim volume showcases Olivier Roellinger’s signature spice blends. It includes each blend’s remarkable story along with the hows, whys and success secrets that make each recipe special. Its comprehensive format is designed to make cooking fun for all. Pascal Tessier’s drawings and sketches are your kitchen companions on this culinary journey.

"I’ve compiled the best recipes from my cooking classes at La Cuisine Corsaire in this slim cookbook illustrated by my brother. The Epices Roellinger volumes are small, easy-to-carry cookbooks filled with the healthful, flavorful recipes developed for La Cuisine Corsaire cooking school.”
Emmanuel Tessier