Le garam masala, dix façons de le préparer

Le garam masala, dix façons de le préparer

Technical guide

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Authors: Beena Paradin Migotto and Mathilde Roellinger
March 2022
Format: 215 x 110 mm
24 pages + cover
Schoolbook stitching, untrimmed pages
ISBN : 978-2-35255-387-8


With the help of a paper knife, slit open the 24 pages of this book to reveal ten creative ways to prepare a single ingredient.

The paper choices, the typeset, and the French school notebook binding all make it a uniquely styled, high-quality publication that is Made in France.

The 'Ten Ways to Prepare...' collection from the Éditions de l’Épure includes over 300 publications on a wide variety of foods .

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