The cookbook Le Garam Masala, dix façons de le préparer

The cookbook Le Garam Masala, dix façons de le préparer
Authors: Beena Paradin Migotto and Mathilde Roellinger
March 2022
Format: 215 x 110 mm
24 pages + cover
Schoolbook stitching, untrimmed pages
ISBN : 978-2-35255-387-8
Éditions de l'Epure
Written in French

The words of Mathilde Rœllinger

The aromas of mild, sophisticated, garam masala are the distilled essence of Indian cooking. Garam masala is striking for its mildness and sophistication and remains remarkably different from its curry powder cousins which reflect an English influence. Beena Paradin Migotto, who comes from the Kerala region of India, has developed her own version of the traditional spice blend. Black pepper from northern India provides the flavor foundation for garam masalas which have literally conquered all of India and Indian cuisines. In the Hindi language, garam masala means hot spice blends. Garam masala works its aromatic magic in Indian home kitchens to season everything from sautéed vegetables to curries and roast meats.


With the help of a paper knife, slit open the 24 pages of this book to reveal ten creative ways to prepare a single ingredient. Here, it is the Garam Masala. 

The paper choices, the typeset, and the French school notebook binding all make it a uniquely styled, high-quality publication that is Made in France.

The 'Ten Ways to Prepare...' collection from the Éditions de l’Épure includes over 300 publications on a wide variety of foods .