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Technical guide

Price incl. tax €14.90

Format 11 cm x 15,5 cm
112 pages
35 recipes
Publication date: 2020

Le sommaire du carnet Epicesroellinger.com N°3 comprend:
- Jardin Marin
- Poudre de Neptune
- Poudre des Vertus
- Poudre Marine
- Poudre Trésor Oublié
- Fleur de Feu
- Poivre à la mode de Paris

Olivier Rœllinger's words

With this new, 35-recipe cookbook, the 'Carnets' series is now a complete trilogy that covers the use of our spice blends in everyday cooking.
"Carnet no. 3" focuses on my signature creations that combine spices and seaweed.


Carnet No 3 includes 35 recipes created by Emmanuel Tessier that feature Olivier Roellinger's signature spice blends. Five seasonings used in the recipes – Jardin Marin (Seaside Garden), Poudre de Neptune, Poudre des Vertues (Virtues), Trésor Oublié (Sunken Treasure), and Huile des Sirènes (Mermaid Oil)—are blends of exotic spices and seaweeds from Brittany.
La Poudre Marine, La Fleur du Feu (Fire Blossom), and Parisian Peppercorn Blend are also featured in the recipes.
The cookbook provides a wealth of ways to use our spice blends in everyday recipes that will wow friends and family. Your kitchen will be filled with the natural, vegetal scents and flavors that are asavory gift from Mother Earth.

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