2020 Holiday Gift Set in collaboration with Pascal Vilcollet

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2020 Holiday Gift Set in collaboration with Pascal Vilcollet

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A limited edition print by Pascal Vilcollet is slipped inside the gift set, which includes :
Poudre d’Or , 40 g
Poudre des Alizés (Tradewinds), 40 g
White Kampot Peppercorns, 40 g
Poudre Kawa, 35 g
Limited Edition.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

"To help fill the season with wonder, we asked artist Pascal Vilcollet to create a unique work of art that could be slipped inside our holiday gift set. Then we assembled the set according to the artist’s personal tastes.
Poudre d’Or delicately seasons shellfish dishes (clams, oysters, scallops) and fish sauces with saffron and amchoor. Simply add a teaspoon of the blend along with a little butter as a finishing touch to shellfish recipes. Poudre d’Or can also be sprinkled over oven-roasted fish.
Poudre des Alizés (Tradewinds) adds a bright zing to all types of vinaigrettes: lemon-olive oil, red wine-safflower oil, sherry vinegar-walnut oil.

Exceptional white Kampot peppercorns boast delicate, almost menthol-like flavors with fresh, herbal notes. The pepper is the perfect addition to bouillons, broths, sauces, and white meats.
And for dessert, Poudre Kawa to flavor your Christmas cookies, coffee-infused crème brûlées, and even your demi-tasse of espresso!"


Each year, we draw the “Spice Portrait” of a famous historical figure for our Holiday Gift Sets. In the past, we have featured the St-Malo corsair René Duguay-Trouin, the French and Breton author René de Chateaubriand, and the botanist and explorer Jeanne Baret.

In 2020, Pascal Vilcollet agreed to create a unique work for our Holiday Gift Set. 1000 signed, limited edition, offset reproductions of “Place Monge,” an oil on canvas painting which is part of his “Vegetation” series, were made especially for our collaboration.

Born in Melun, France in 1979, Pascal Vilcollet is a painter who lives and works in Paris. Following his studies in graphic design at the École Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques et d’Architecture, he worked as an illustrator before turning full time to painting and sculpture in 2014. Both his abstract and figurative canvasses distill and emanate extraordinary energy with lively brush strokes and bold colors. Vilcollet’s works are present in many museums and private collections both in France and around the world. He is represented by Galerie Guido Romero Pierini in Paris. Instagram : @pascalvilcollet

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