Fatema Hal's Ras el hanout

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Fatema Hal's Ras el hanout

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Technical guide

Ingredients Fenugreek, Cubeb pepper, roses, ginger, spices
Allergens *
Net weight 35 g
Conservation / Utilisation Store in an airtight jar in the cupboard, away from light, at the ideal temperature of 18°c.
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The words of Olivier Roellinger

Fatema and I share many of the same values and passion for finely spiced cuisine, which is why we have come to be friends.
Anthropologist and chef in her Parisian restaurant, Le Mansouria, Fatema Hal has opened up her research on “les dadas”, a name for traditional domestic servants who occupy an honoured place in some Moroccan households, and who, incidentally, keep the culinary secrets. This cherished Ras el Hanout is the fruit of such a personal record: twenty-seven different spices that we roast, steam and grind in our workshop in Cancale.
Almost all of the spices used for this blend are both organic and fair trade


This imperial Ras el Hanout is the staple spice of the Moroccan universe. Ingredient of choice for couscous, rice, and lamb tagine, it can also be used to add a hint of flavour to almond and honey desserts.
This beloved blend is sure to make your dishes distinct, and open your palate to the marvellous universe of a thousand and one nights.