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Voyage aux pays des merveilles (Voyage to Wonderland)

Voyage aux pays des merveilles  (Voyage to Wonderland)
Volume 1 : The scents of childhood
Recipes Olivier Roellinger
Texts and photos Christian et Vincent Lejalé
244 pages, 150 pictures, 30 recipes
Editor: Imagine & Co, 2010
Only in french


A tribute to the diversity of the world and those who create its beauty.

The novelist and globetrotter Christian Lejalé, the great chef Olivier Roellinger and the photographer Vincent Lejalé meander around the world to recount the most beautiful adventure: that of products which, for thousands of years, have made people dream and brought cooking to life.

Following the success of the book and the film Trois étoiles de mer (Three Stars of the Sea), the authors introduce us to those wonders which are called: vanilla, cocoa, pepper, chilli pepper, saffron, soy, nuoc mam, turmeric, ginger, etc. To tell this story: three books conceived like a long novel about the life of men.