Voatsiperifery, Madagascar wild pepper

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Voatsiperifery, Madagascar wild pepper

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Technical guide

Origin Madagascar
Net weight 40 g
Storage / Use One must never consume ground pepper, but rather, crack it in a mill just before serving, so that it its aromas may develop most fully.
Keep in a dry, dark place.
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Mellow and rather fragant. Pairs well with vegetables and fruits.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

Piper borbonense from the same family as Piper nigrum, Voatsiperifery is a true pepper found in the south of Madagascar. It grows on creeping vines in the uppermost parts of large trees between 10 and 20 meters high. Harvesting this pepper is particularly difficult and dangerous. In fact, some simply prefer to fell the immense trees in order to obtain the sought after grains… Voatsiperifery is mild and very aromatic, and it suits people who do not appreciate the “meaty” side of piper nigrum. I enjoy using it on shellfish, steamed vegetables and fruit. It is eaten whole.