Vent de Lune (Moon Breeze)

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Vent de Lune (Moon Breeze)
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Moon's wind © 40 g
40 g
Moon's wind © Recharge 150 g
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Technical guide

Ingredients Hibiscus, mint, lavender, sage, ginger, spices.
Origin Original blend, 2004
Net weight 40 g / 150 g
Storage / Use Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
Price incl. tax €9.45

Let your dreams take flight with this refreshing herbal tea infusion. Serve hot or cold.

Recommendations Serve hot (1 teaspoon per cup of hot water; steep 5 min.) or cold (2 tablespoons per quart/liter of hot water; steep 5 minutes, strain, and chill 4 hours). Serve chilled with ice cubes or crushed iced, or use to make gin cocktails.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

When I created this infusion of herbs and spices, I envisioned a tea with a rich ruby hue and a joyous fragrance, radiant beside the moon and paving the way for a night filled with dreams. I pictured fairies along the Nile and in the heart of the Brocéliande forest concocting an imagination-filled infusion on the nights of the full moon.
I enjoy sipping it hot while I’m in my office during the winter and drinking it iced during summer afternoons in my garden.


Olivier Roellinger created this herbal tea infusion in 2004. Serve hot or iced.