Turmeric from Guadeloupe

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Turmeric from Guadeloupe

Technical guide

Ingredients Certified Organic Ground Turmeric
Net weight 30 g
Storage / Use In a cool, dark, dry place.
Price incl. tax €8.80

A turmeric's complex flavor profile from Guadeloupe, organic and cultivated with sustainable agro-ecology practices.

Recommendations This turmeric's complex flavor profile makes it easy to use on its own without any additional spices, sweeteners, or seasonings. It needs no embellishment.
Whisk into mayonnaise, hot broths, soups, and rice cooking water. Ground Turmeric from Guadeloupe is delicious sprinkled over ice cream, fromage blanc, and fruit salads. It can also be used to season vinaigrettes and beurre blanc sauces.


Extraordinarily sweet and mild with rich flavor notes that and hints of fresh carrots and young, spring vegetables.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

As far as we know, this is the first certified organic ground turmeric in France. Shipping for the next harvest (in 2022) will be carried out entirely by sail.

Didier grows his turmeric roots on a hectare (2 ½ acres) of land in the plains region of Guadeloupe. He uses sustainable agro-ecology cultivation practices and allows other crops such as ginger, fruit trees, and vanilla vines to thrive alongside his turmeric. All weeding is carried out by hand. The turmeric variety Didier grows was first discovered in small vegetable gardens in Guadeloupe. The rhizome harvest takes place from March to May. Once the roots have been sorted and calibrated, Didier dries them himself before grinding them to a powder on the farm.

This turmeric powder has a coarser, denser grind than turmeric powders from India and Sri Lanka which are lighter and finer.