Smoked Chilli pepper from Béarn F4 (France)

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Smoked Chilli pepper from Béarn F4  (France)

Technical guide

Ingredients Smoked chilli (powder)
Origin France, Maison Malnou
Net weight 35g
Conservation / Utilisation In a dry and dark place, such as a closed cupboard.
Price incl. tax €11.70

For meats, vegetables and soups.

Conseil Scoville scale 4. The grilled cereal notes of this smoked chilli from France reveal themselves with barbecued meats, eggs, and soups.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

This chilli pepper cultivated and prepared by the Malnou family in Béarn is smoked with laurel branches. The singularity of this chilli pepper lies in the care taken in the maturing process with cold drying and the smoking.
The Malnou family gives its best energy at each stage to achieve a quality chilli pepper. We are daily in Cancale in this same quest. And this is the reason why their work resonates with ours.


This Béarn chilli pepper that we present is a family story, that of the Malnou family. Dominique, the father, fell in love with this chilli pepper which comes from the same variety as the Espelette chilli pepper found 80km away.
In a small village in Béarn, the family has run the same cafe for five generations. In this reunion place, and as in all the houses in the region, it was customary to dry the chilli pepper grown in the garden and then use it in the kitchen all year round. Dominique, a former engineer , worked for years to obtain an exceptional chili powder. Passionate about the heritage of his region, he did it as a hobby.
And then the poetry of life made that his children, his son, his daughter Margaux and his son-in-law Anthony, decided to make known this very special chilli pepper from Bearn. Today, the whole family is gathered in this adventure around this unique chilli pepper which tells us the history of this land. The mother keeps the coffee, while the children and the father take care of all the stages of the cultivation and preparation of the chilli pepper: from sowing to harvest, from hulling to sorting of red chillies, from drying to grinding to packaging and smoking. The picking of this chilli pepper, from organic farming, is done by hand from the end of August.