Black Sesame Seeds

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Black Sesame Seeds

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Ingredients *Black Sesame Seeds
Allergens *Sesame seeds
Origin Mexique
Net weight 40 g
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Native to Mexico

Recommendations Sprinkle over rice, salads, and vegetables with a little soy sauce. Dust over blinis, rolls, and cookies/biscuits.

Olivier Rœllinger's words

Sesame's subtle, understated taste is due to the very low levels of essential oils in the seeds.
Black sesame seeds have pleasant bitter notes and a bolder flavor than golden sesame seeds. When toasted, golden sesame seeds develop flavors that are reminiscient of grilled bread, almonds, and hazelnuts .
Black sesame seeds can be used the same way as poppy seeds to add crunch and color. Use them to add color and texture contrast to blinis, rolls, and cookies/biscuits. They can also be toasted beforehand to bring out their crunch and flavor.


These ‘criollo’ black sesame seeds are native to Mexico and are grown by producers on small farms near Oaxaca.

The herbaceous sesame plant can grow up to 6 feet tall and producest fruit with a multitude of seeds.

The oil-rich seeds have been prized since ancient times from the Middle East to the Far East. Sesame cultivation in Pakistan dates back to 3,000 years.
Sesame seeds are said to awaken the appetite, which gives a whole new meaning to the expression, 'Open Sesame!' in 1001 Nights. Sesame seeds are generally produced in India or the Middle East. The color and quality of sesame oils varies according to where the seeds are produced. Europe discovered sesame seeds much later than other cultures. Black sesame seeds are preferred type in Japan and China as can be seen by the many different types of desserts that are part of their cuisines.