Soup powder (Poudre à soupes)

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Soup powder (Poudre à soupes)

Technical guide

Ingredients Cumin, cinnamon, coriander, spices
Allergens *
Origin Original creation
Net weight 30 g
Conservation / Utilisation In a dry, dark place such as a closed cupboard.
Price incl. tax €8.80

Soup for children and adults alike.

Conseil Add a few teaspoons before mixing the vegetables.


Great sweetness perfumed by the subtle combination of cumin and coriander with cinnamon.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

For soups of children and adults, I imagined this Soup Powder based on the balance of the cumin, cinnamon, coriander.
This composition is perfect for enriching a celery puree, or a carrot-potato soup and for magnifying all stew of vegetable that warm up winter evenings.