White Kampot pepper

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White Kampot pepper
Variant Price incl. tax
White Kampot pepper 40 g
40 g
White Kampot pepper 100 g
100 g

Technical guide

Origin Cambodge
Net weight 40 g
Conservation / Utilisation In a dry, dark place You should never, of course, store ground pepper but always grind it at the last moment so that it develops its full aromas.
Price incl. tax €8.30

Délicat, ce poivre du Cambodge est idéal pour les bouillons et les sauces, sa fraîcheur apporte une teneur en bouche exceptionnelle.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

Harvested ripe, then produced by soaking the red pepper, this white pepper develops very delicate flavours of citrus and fresh herbs, perfect for bouillons and sauces.

I have great admiration for men like Jerôme, who is relaunching the high-quality production of these peppers.