Jeerakarimundi pepper

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Jeerakarimundi pepper

Technical guide

Origin Inde
Net weight 40 g
Conservation / Utilisation Ground pepper is to be avoided, of course - always grind it at the last moment to allow its aroma to blossom.
Keep in a dry, dark place
Price incl. tax €5.50

This variety of pepper comes from a single strain: the Jeerakarimundi, which produces small-sized grains. Aromas of almond and pine resin. Sharp and spicy; for pasta, potatoes and poultry.

The words of Olivier Roellinger

In India, grains of Jeerakarimundi pepper are highly sought after because they are the most spicy and pungent. Yet the American market refuses them because of their small size. For generations, pepper vendors have bought pepper from individual growers, but then mixed them all together. Having sorted the peppers by size, the traders gave the mixes arbitrary geographical names without any relationship to the place where the crop was harvested, or to criteria of smell or taste. Over several years of working with small-scale farmers in Kerala in the South of India, I came to understand that different botanical varieties of pepper trees produced peppers of vastly differing palates. The men and women I work with have thus agreed to select, separate and save the individual varieties of pepper (Karimunda, Neelamundi, Jeerakarimundi and Panniyoor) at their point of harvest.